Our Features

  • Improve Organic Search Engine Rankings.

    Your guest reviews will be indexed by the major search engines, creating additional organic search engine rankings exposure on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • No More Lost Business To Third Party Review Sites.

    Whether your business is a hotel, spa or restaurant you risk losing your website visitors if they leave your site to read your guest reviews on third party websites. Once they’ve left your website, they may never come back or worse they may book your competition. Our Guest Review System ensures this will not happen by keeping your visitors on your website.

  • You Validate All Reviews Are Real & Control Which Reviews You Want Displayed On Your Website.

    As every business manager knows, third party review sites are riddled with un-authenticated and fake reviews posted by your competitors. Our Guest Review System enables you to validate that guests have actually stayed, visited or dined with you before approving their guest review. You have complete control to approve or deny any guest review from appearing on your website.

  • Service Attribute Guest Review Scoring.

    Regardless of the type of business you manage, hotel, spa or restaurant it’s always helpful to measure how your guests rate your business by relevant service attributes. The Guest Review System provides your business with a clear understanding on how well you’re doing by service attribute of department (ie. housekeeping, staff, food & beverage, etc.).

  • Post Your Reply Directly Under Each Guest Review.

    Our Guest Review System always provides the business manager with the last say. Now you can post a management response to all guest reviews and ensure future potential guests see your side of the story.

  • Receive Real-Time Email Alerts For Every Guest Review.

    You will receive real-time email alerts for every guest review submitted, ensuring your business is always on top of what guests are saying. Additionally, you control who on your management team receives the email alerts.

  • Read Your Reviews Online & Download All Reviews into Excel.

    Simply log into your Guest Review System business account to manage and see all your guest reviews and service attribute scores. Need to download your data for offline analysis? No problem. With the Guest Review System you can download all your guest reviews in a selected date range into Excel.

  • Post Your Offline Comment Cards Into Your Guest Review System Account.

    If your business collects paper based guest comment cards you can enter those into your online Guest Review System account so they can be displayed on your website.